Thursday, January 8, 2009

A bit of History

First post and all, so I think I'll go with something that interest me, History. Oregon is a remarkably boring place historically, compared to some of the places I've lived. Not a lot seems to have happened here. At least nothing that left a noticeable mark on the people or the land. I really enjoy road trips and hiking and in doing some of both, it seems there is little to discover, explore or find.

Oregon: The land of recycling. Even our History doesn't leave a mark.
(Where archaeologists go to retire)

Bayocean Oregon
The town that's no longer there.

Bayocean was to become the Atlantic City of the West in the dreams of the town’s founder and first promoter, T.B. Potter in 1906. Bad health forced Potter, a real estate promoter from Kansas City, to leave Oregon before the town officially opened and the task of promoting and building the Resort Community was passed on to Potter’s son, Thomas Irving Potter. The first lot was sold in 1907 to Francis Mitchell, a 37-year old druggist who opened a grocery store. By 1914, 600 lots had been sold to house 2000 inhabitants.
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